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the capital of Uzbekistan

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Plant material: Plant material was consisted of seeds of five Syrian accredited local varieties of Gossypium hirsutum L.: Aleppo 118 (Aleppo 40 X American variety BW 76-31), Deir Al Zour 22 (a selected line from Delta Pine 41), Rakka 5 (a selected line from Tashkand 3), Aleppo 90 (Tashkand 3 X Delta pine 70) and Aleppo 33/1 (Acala SG 4) and one introduced variety Chirpan 539; along with one variety of Gossypium barbadense L.
(1987) [Includes: A Vision After Death; A Hymn for the Coming Era; The Smashed Idol; A Story; Baghdad; Disobedience; A Sunny Dream; The Music of Silence; A Queer Master; Returned as a Child; Zanzibar and the other Sorrow; A Message to Tashkand; The Prisoner; A Trance; Rites in a Greek Temple; Beirut ...
ISLAMABAD:People of Uzbekistan wanted to visit the historical, religious and tourist places in Pakistan and for that, there was need to have agreement between Tashkand and Islamabad.
If Mehbooba talks about issue being bilateral and refers to Shimla, Tashkand and other bilateral agreements, may she answer why doesn't New Delhi show iota of commitment, sincerity and willingness to talk to Pakistan for the resolution of Issue.