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Synonyms for Tartuffe

a person who practices hypocrisy

Synonyms for Tartuffe

a hypocrite who pretends to religious piety (after the protagonist in a play by Moliere)

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Orgon, the patriarch of the family, is "going through a midlife crisis," according to Haefliger, and is taken in by Tartuffe, who proceeds to relieve Orgon of everything he owns.
Readers who specialize in dramatic literature will appreciate her laser-sharp focus on how religion relates to Tartuffe and to the consolidation of power by Louis XIV.
Paul Hunter (Orgon) and Mark Williams (Tartuffe) in classic tale Tartuffe at Birmingham Rep
Tartuffe, the imposter, has impressed Orgon - and Orgon's vinegary mum, Madame Pernelle - with his ostentatious piety.
The Western Mail's reviewer gave it a favourable notice, reporting that: "It was a joyous affair, with Dylan Morgan, son of Elaine Morgan, the television writer, admirably cast as Tartuffe.
Rather, she is a mondaine who enjoys an unusual degree of latitude from her husband thanks, in large part, to Orgon's displaced obsession with Tartuffe.
Tartuffe, allegedly brought in to teach the atheist Jourdains' daughter some morals.
In this plot, Moliere (Romain Duris) is thrust into farcical situations which would later appear in his plays like Tartuffe and The Misanthrope.
Indeed, the story suggests this "true life" escapade could be the basis for his classic stage play Tartuffe.
Hoipolloi's brand new production of The Impostor is freely based on Tartuffe by MoliAre, France's master of comic satire - a work so deadly that the court of the Sun King, Louis XIV, was embarrassed enough to get it banned.
It examines the intricately organized social rites at Versailles, specifically at the grand gala of "Plaisirs de l'ile enchantee," and the significance of time economy in Moliere's Tartuffe.
Kir-Janja, modeled after Moliere's Tartuffe, is a fitting illustration of this.
This volume is attractively produced, with uncluttered text and a suitably unctuous photograph of Martin Clunes as Tartuffe on the front cover.
In Moliere's play Tartuffe, the patriarch Orgon becomes befuddled by his own excessive either-or reacting to life situations.
She has a map of Tartuffe incidents on page 257 showing them all over France.