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the vast geographical region of Europe and Asia that was controlled by the Mongols in the 13th and 14th centuries


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I must confess I travelled more pleasantly afterwards in the deserts and vast wildernesses of Grand Tartary than here, and yet the roads here are well paved and well kept, and very convenient for travellers; but nothing was more awkward to me than to see such a haughty, imperious, insolent people, in the midst of the grossest simplicity and ignorance; and my friend Father Simon and I used to be very merry upon these occasions, to see their beggarly pride.
Gaertn (also called tartary buckwheat), a famous drinking food and herbal medicine in China, have been commonly used to treat lots of stubborn and chronic diseases, including cancers, rheumatic disorders and general debility (Guo, 2003; Guo et al.
Account of the Remarkable Rise and Downfall of the Late Great Kan of Tartary, with the Still More Remarkable Fancies that Took Possession of the Heads of Some of his Antagonists.
Maybe torture is still carried out by grubby dictators and lawless secret police in remotest Tartary, but not by civilized men in suits who testify before microphones in stodgy Senate hearings.
Canola (Brassica rapa) plant density influences Tartary buckwheat (Fagopyrum tataricum) interference, biomass, and seed yield.
In order to preserve ecological system of the Strait of Tartary, subsurface water to be provided by specially drilled wells will be used for cooling instead of sea water.
To construct a tomb in oneOs lifetime was a Tartary custom, which the Mughals followed religiously.
This romance fragment (almost surely composed as a deliberate fragment) opens on the birthday of the Mongol King Cambyuskan at his palace in Tartary.
Fraserburgh 9 ran Record of first four home: 1 win from 3 runs - Mundahesh = +2 Record of last five home: 2 wins from 5 runs - El Mirage, Tartary = +1 Total record: 3 wins from 8 runs (37%) for a profit of +PS4 to PS1 levels.
Travels into Bokhara; containing the narrative of a voyage on the Indus from the sea to Lahore and an account of a journey from India to Cabool, Tartary and Persia in the years 1831, 1832, and 1833.
As a practicing medievalist myself, I can of course cite any number of marvelous plants from the Middle Ages, including the goose-bearing barnacle tree, the homuncular mandrake, and the zoophyte known as the barometz or vegetable lamb of Tartary.
John Howard Payne's Mazeppa; or, the Wild Horse of Tartary may never have been performed.
An Account of the Kingdom of Caubul and its Dependencies in Persia, Tartary, and India.
Ducrow conceived a series of elaborate equestrian pantomimes which were mimicked by equestrians throughout the British Isles, his most famous spectacle being Mazeppa, or The Wild Horse of Tartary, first produced in 1831, loosely based on Byron's famous poem.