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a place where the wicked are punished after death

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everyone falls through the trap door into Tartarus," (40) reinforces that grim reading.
Oxford and Horam: Tartarus Press and Caermon Books, 1998.
In Kertesz's ironic construction, the reader thinks of Sisyphus as coming from the concentration camps and Tartarus as only a small part of the concentrationary universe.
Those who have lived an 'average' life (113d4) are sent to the Acherusian Lake for purification; those who are judged incurable are hurled into Tartarus, never to emerge (113e1-6); those who are found guilty of grave but curable offenses must fall into Tartarus for a year, and thereafter try to persuade those they have wronged to allow them back (113e6-114b6).
Range extension and status update for the Oklahoma cave crayfish, Cambarus tartarus (Decapoda: Cambaridae).
Razer Tartarus Delivers Infinite Customization Options in an Improved Ergonomic Form Factor
Tartephedreel from Heel, for example, contains Tartarus stibiatus 4X, Hepatica triloba 3X, belladonna 4X, Natrium sulfuricum 4X, Arsenicum ioda turn 6X, Quebracho 5X, Naphthalinum 6X, Betonica 2X, Anisum stellatum 3X, Lobelia inflata 4X, ipecacuanha 4X, Blatta orientalis 6X, drops 3 times per day under the tongue.
8 Socrates claims that Meroe can, through her witchery, lower the sky, suspend the earth, solidify fountains, dissolve mountains, raise up ghosts, bring down gods, darken the stars, and light up Tartarus itself.
Consequently, the imprisoned Titans, led by the gods' banished father Kronos, are gaining in strength and will soon escape the prison of Tartarus.
94) This reading would be in line with how the Court treated plus factors in other cases (not repudiated by Mayo) (95) and would avoid the need to consign National Muffler to Tartarus.
Elizabeth Earle is set to launch her first novel Tartarus, which reflects elements of her personal life, is about Diane Stillman who tracks down her sister's killer through her constant night terrors.
Tartarus und Entgiftung: Stoffwechselkrankheiten und Ausleitungstherapien.
Consequently, the imprisoned Titans led by the gods' banished father Kronos are gaining in strength and will soon escape the cavernous dungeon prison of Tartarus.
And they could soon escape Tartarus, a dungeon prison designed by fallen god Hephaestus (an excellent Bill Nighy).
The imprisoned Titans, led by Kronos, plan to escape the cavernous prison of Tartarus.