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Synonyms for Tartarean

of or relating to or characteristic of Hades or Tartarus

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Like Odysseus's return trip home from the Trojan War, the road to Ithaca led to a Tartarean hell.
The horse takes Mazeppa back to Tartary, where he is mistaken by the peasants for the Volpas, a Tartarean phantom horseman, but Abder Khan, the prophet-King recognises him, from ce nom de Mazeppa grave [.
Coleridge, in 1795, had described the orthodox Christian view of punishment to be "this dreadful Equity, this Tartarean Justice.
The moment the self within is consciously felt as something superior to any of the gifts that can be brought to it, or any of the adventures that it may enjoy, there has appeared a sort of self-devouring fastidiousness and a disenchantment in advance, which fulfils all the Tartarean emblems of thirst and despair.
Inserted in this choral answer is the biblical quotation Tollite portas, but without rubrical description as dialogue, question and answer, or spatial separation between the Tartarean ones and the prophets.