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Synonyms for assassination

Synonyms for assassination

an attack intended to ruin someone's reputation

murder of a public figure by surprise attack

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The Israeli SIGINT National Unit (ISNU), the NSA's counterpart in Tel Aviv, convinced the Americans to circumvent the legal prohibition on providing surveillance data for targeted assassinations during Israel's 2006 war with Lebanon, according to the newest revelation from the archives obtained by whistleblower Edward Snowden, according to RT.
Gantz, therefore, will not be "returning" to a policy of targeted assassinations but embarking upon a continuation of Israel's policy.
In the past decade, targeted assassinations against political figures have been attempted in Europe and the US.
Two Israeli ministers have warned that Israel's patience with Hamas leaders is wearing thin and that any future Israeli military campaign is likely to include the targeted assassination of terrorist leaders and potentially seizing control of the Gaza Strip.
They denounced the army's intelligence work in the occupied Palestinian territories, including targeted assassinations and intrusive surveillance of civilians.
Mansour pointed out that "at least over 29 Palestinians were 'deliberately and wantonly' killed by the Israeli occupying forces in missile airstrikes, drone attacks and bombings on densely populated civilian areas and that Israel resumed its illegal policy of targeted assassinations against Palestinians, boasting of its extrajudicial killing of several people in recent days in attacks and also killed many civilians, including multiple members of families."
Since the ousting of the former dictator, Muammar Gaddafi over two years ago, Libya has been undergoing a democratic transition, and in recent months it has seen increasing acts of violence and worsening security, including the abduction - and subsequent release - of Prime Minister Ali Zidan, the killing of unarmed protesters in the capital, Tripoli, and targeted assassinations in Benghazi.
However, the current protest seems to have been sparked by recent targeted assassinations of ( Pakistani Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud and a leader of the Haqqani network.
These facts explain why drones have become "the favored technology for targeted assassinations in the global war on terror," according to Fred Kaplan in "The World as Free-Fire Zone" (see page 36).
It should be a foregone conclusion that targeted assassinations could no longer be excluded to tip the balance and see Aoun occupy the Bbda Palace post.
Since November 2002, there have been at least 400 documented targeted assassinations in non-battlefield settings of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen and the Philippines.
Hamas has set his conditions: the lifting of the Israeli blockade and halt of "all forms of aggression, including targeted assassinations" This message was conveyed by Hamas leaders, including Meshaal.
"It's hard to discern any principle that distinguishes killing Assad from the targeted assassinations and humanitarian wars that command significant American political support," could really go either way.
The group has committed targeted assassinations, mass suicide bombings, kidnappings and a wide variety of other crimes.
Cairo-March 12-(BNA) The Arab League today condemned Israeli raids on Palestinian civilians and systematic targeted assassinations of activists in Gaza Strip.
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