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a port city and commercial center in northwestern Lebanon on the Mediterranean Sea

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(e) Islamic State in Libya denotes its territorial provinces or wilayat along the three traditional Ottoman era provinces of Libya--Cyrenaica (or Barqa) in the east; Tripolitania (or Tarabulus) in the northwest; and Fezzan in the southwest.
Venue: Tripoli International Fair, Tripoli, Tarabulus, Libya
WHERE in North Africa is the capital known in Arabic as Tarabulus al-Gharb?
It is convincingly demonstrated that Greek [pi] = Arabic <f> in this toponym; however, it is more usual to find Greek [pi] = Arabic <b>, as in Tripoli = [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] = tarabulus. The author soundly reasons as follows: "Since original Semitic /p/ is invariably preserved in Arabic speech as /f/, this provides explicit evidence that [pi] was pronounced differently from Semitic /p/ in the Holy Land prior to the Arab conquest, in agreement with the orthography of Syriac and Christian Palestinian Aramaic" (pp.
(d) The Islamic State declared the division of Libya into three provinces of its self-proclaimed caliphate on November 10, 2014, based on the pre-2007 administrative divisions of Libya: Wilayah Barqa (Cyrenaica), Wilayah Tarabulus (Tripolitania), and Wilayah Fezzan.
Venue: Maetiga Airport Land, Tripoli, Tarabulus, Libya Exhibitors: 100+ Visitors: 10000 EVENT PROFILE Libyan Defence & Security Exhibition is one of the most comprehensive trade show for safety and security industry in Libya.
The 17 governorates outside of Syria and Iraq operate in Libya (Barqah, Fazzan, Tarabulus); Yemen ('Adan Abyan, al-Bayda, Hadramawt, Sanaa, Shabwah, Liwa' al-Akhdar); Saudi Arabia (al-Bahrayn, al-Hijaz, Najd); Algeria; Egypt (Sayna'); Afghanistan and Pakistan (Khurasan); Russia (Caucasus); and Nigeria, Niger, Chad, and Cameroon (Gharb Ifriqiyyah).
The Khurasan Governorate in Afghanistan controls a few villages in Nangarhar province, whereas the Tarabulus Governorate in Libya controls Sirte on the Mediterranean coast and some minor adjacent towns to the west and east.
Shortly after pledging allegiance to al-Baghdadi, the Islamic State announced the creation of three provinces in Libya: Wilaya Barqa (Cyrenaica), Wilaya Tarabulus (Tripolitania), and Wilaya Fezzan.
More recently, the Islamic State has taken control of additional territory in Libya, including Sirte and it has appointed commanders for its three main regions, the Fezzan, Tarabulus, and Barqa.