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a village in eastern Ireland (northwest of Dublin)

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As Prince Charles' goddaughter, Tara was invited to the royal wedding - only weeks after spending hundreds of pounds on fillers to fix her cocaine-ravaged nose.
Today, Tara is available with matt black and matt white finishes in the special editions 'Tara Black Edition' and 'Tara White Edition.
And the school's assistant cook, Dianne Macrae, is also competing alongside Tara in the sport, with her pony Peggy.
Under the agreement, one Tara Minerals Corp common share will be distributed for every 20 outstanding shares of Tara Gold Resources Corp.
Mae o'n rwbath newydd i Gymru ac i S4C dwi'n meddwl, ma'n eitha' modern ac yn eitha' 'showy'," meddai Tara, 26.
Logic can recognize immediately the whole range's relation to the Tara Classic series," explained managing director, Andreas Dornbracht.
Posh Tara - best known for her romances with pop idol Robbie Williams and crooner James Blunt - is expected at the rink in Elstree, Herts tonight to support Chris, 20.
This would be a great read-aloud, too, keeping in mind that the girls befriend some surfers who favor curse words and Tara comes off as a tart at times.
Tara Egan, 12, had earlier looked after Autumn, until Autumn was strong enough to be ridden.
Lucky pooch Tara has found three legs are just as good as four after she survived a road accident.
Tara Tara's early success may foreshadow a long career, if her numerous siblings are anything to go by.
In a marketplace that some define as turbulent and bleak, Tara Picture Frames has thrived and blossomed.
If Internet fan sites are like social clubs, then The Kitten, the Witches, and the Bad Wardrobe, a Web site for fans of lesbian witches Tara and Willow from the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is the closest thing Internet fandom has to a gay-straight alliance.