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Synonyms for Tao

an adherent of any branch of Taoism


the ultimate principle of the universe

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By holding the device portion (called the Tao WellShell) in hands and pushing hard, its internal pressure sensor works at muscles.
Tao uses mass spectrometry to determine which proteins are present and have been targeted by the drug.
In addition, there are also portraits of Tao that may be regarded as a sub-theme of the biographical material on Tao since these materials likely inspired the portraits.
Tao has created intent(R) a seamlessly integrated, high-performance interactive entertainment software platform for mobile and embedded consumer electronics devices.
With the help of local MP Anne Begg, his appeal was tracked down, the process went ahead and Tao Tao was reunited with his family at the beginning of February.
Getting a taste of Koh Tao is part of Thailand's secret: Bangkok Airways provides over 10 daily flights from Bangkok to the Large neighboring island of Koh Samui (a 1 1/2-hour boat ride away).
Meanwhile, tragedy and shame strike those closest to him, while Tao watches co-workers rise, establish households or slip from the fake comfort of the park world into more dangerous zones of the booming economy.
Yet in this existence there is even more beyond that duality, the ineffable and subtle source that is Tao.
But, for a limited time, you can get The Tao of Pricing for only $27--with discounts for multiple copies.
Green and Tao showed that the sequence of almost-primes is pseudorandom; roughly speaking, the almost-primes are "nicely spread out all over the place.
The women who would like to be member of the TAO committee have faced many obstacles.
Next month, The White Rain Company, Danbury, CT, will begin marketing Te Tao in the U.
Asheville: Chi Kung Fundamentals: Learn fundamental Taoist Chi Kung techniques, including Inner Smile, Healing Sounds, and more in this two-day workshop at the Asheville Healing Tao Center.
Metrowerks, Austin, Texas, is working with the Tao Group to enable application and content development for Tao's intent(r), a high-performance, portable media platform for consumer appliances.
Despite its open-minded, modern approach to law enforcement, however, nothing prepared the department for the challenge it faced when the Chen Tao religious movement came to town.