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Synonyms for Tao

an adherent of any branch of Taoism


the ultimate principle of the universe

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Elate was designed by Tao from its inception as a multimedia, deterministic operating system
Drum Tao was founded in 1993, by Ikuo Fujitaka, with a pure vision to create a modern, respectable culture of drumming using traditional Japanese instruments, techniques, and, most important of all, artists.
Makonsensya ka dahil binigay na sayo lahat tapos mangongotong ka pa rin, anong klaseng tao ka,' he added.
Coupled with TAO Solutions' market-leading technologies, its QCC set of services can be tailored to match the requirements of any mandate, differentiating it from other traditional, non-specialist audit providers.
Prosecutors said Tao was holding a red-handled kitchen knife in his right hand and "lunged" at the victim, stabbing him in the stomach.
com/no-suspicious-deaths-koh-tao-angry-resident-tells-samui-times/) Samui Times , reported Koh Tao has been dubbed "Death Island" due to the rising number of tourist deaths on the island.
It serves as a sore point of contention among the indigenous Tao towards the Taiwanese government.
In Practicing the Tao Te Ching, Solala Towler offers a thoughtful and practical guide to the practice of Taoism.
The problem didn't attract much attention until about five years ago, when Tao and collaborators made some progress (SN Online: 12/8/09).
At the dining room of Roger's compact apartment, a special, multicourse seafood lunch awaits him, but his expressionless face indicates that this is nothing outside of the ordinary Mechanically, he puts out his hand, knowing that Ah Tao will be ready to serve him a bowl of rice.
The Tao coaches user through 50 exercises related to isometrics - science of applying pressure - that is the basis of many popular workouts like pilates and plank exercising - and adds a gaming element.
The voices are real, the manifestation of a life form older than time that calls itself Tao, a member of the Quasing, who have shadowed humanity for all of its existence.
He lives in California and serves as director of Tao studies at the Great Tao Foundation of America.
They target many different proteins," said Tao, whose findings were published in the early online in the journal Agnewandte Chemie International Edition.
2) Her stationery was called "Xue Tao Stationery" ("Xue Tao jian" [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) in honor of her contributions.