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any of various complex phenolic substances of plant origin

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Oak tannins are also essential preservatives for age-worthy fine wines.
Medium body, tannins, this is a very well structured, mellow, long-lasting flavour with smooth, light, velvety tannins, accents of earth, tobacco and spice as they linger on the tangy finish.
Flavonoid molecules from the condensed type of tannin, shown in figure 1, are very characteristic for their large number of hydroxyls, which through hydrogen bonds (ref.
However, presence and quantity of anti-nutritional compounds such as tannins, phytic acid and saponins affect protein digestibility as they precipitate proteins.
50, Sainsbury's) With a smidgen of shiraz to spice up the freshly crushed blackberry and plummy fruit, a touch of mint rides on gentle waves of cabernet fruit with fine tannins, while a juicy freshness on the finish keeps you coming back for more.
50, Morrisons): Along with a hint of mocha, this is brimming with blueberry and blackberry fruits and with a velvety smooth richness, strength and purity folded into soft tannins.
Alfalfa treated with 4-6% tannins cause more protein digestibility in intestine which might be due to reduction in proteolysis in rumen (McSweeney et al.
Instead of waiting for new saliva to develop, there are proteins in fatty foods that will bond with the tannins, rather than our mouth.
The action of NaOH on tannins may involve the phenolics groups oxidation under the influence of alkali.
The study is aimed to analyze and compare extraction methods of tannins from three common Acacia species of Sudan.
Despite such advantages, sorghum may have phenolic compounds resulting from the secondary metabolism, including phenolic acids, flavonoids and tannins.
75 at Asda) Increasingly, entry point chianti is throttling back on the customary weighty depth and chewy tannins.
Some will like to have more tannins, some prefer higher acidity or alcohol.