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The amplitudes of the radial and tangential acceleration increase with the increase of flank wear.
where [[??].sub.p] is the absolute acceleration of the pack CoM; [[??].sub.t] is the absolute acceleration of the trunk CoM; [[??]] and [[??].sup.[tau]] are the centripetal and tangential acceleration vectors, relative to the trunk CoM, of a point fixed in the trunk coordinate frame and instantaneously coincident with the pack CoM; [[??].sub.r] is the relative pack acceleration vector along the back; and [[??].sup.c.sub.r] is the Coriolis acceleration vector.
For a ring seated correctly, without eccentricity, perfectly round, with spindle speed, constant winding radius and delivery speed, it follows for traveler, of course theoretically, constant normal acceleration, constant speed and "zero" tangential acceleration.
The differences in the maximum tangential acceleration values were a result of the relative smoothness of their swings which had little effect on the maximum hub path velocities.
On the other hand, the average tangential acceleration of the motion, [[bar.v].sub.t], takes its maximum value at the point A, then substantially decreases to the point O where it is negligible.