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tampon used to absorb menstrual flow

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According to a recent survey of tampon users, 95% of girls agree that their period should never prevent them from experiencing life--and Tampax agrees.
But what about us Delhi women, who lack access to Tampax and are dependent on the Chinese and Polish for our tampons?
P&G recently launched two innovative new products, Alldays Fresh and Tampax Compak Fresh, lightly scented versions of the market-leading panty liners and tampons.
So that is a nail file, hair bobble, packet of mints, notepad and pen, a Krisis Kard for all your emergency numbers, a safety pin, aplaster, sewing kit, a tissue and a Tampax Compak, all packaged to fit the smallest of handbags
This is the same bride and groom who discussed the possibility of our next King turning into a box of Tampax.
Kathy Lette 'I compare models to supermodels in the way I compare Tampax to Super Tampax: They cost more and are a lot thicker.
A: Many girls start with Tampax Satin Teen Lites, which have biodegradable and flushable applicators.
All of whose names the imbecilic Ali G manages to mangle during their interviews, which feature such willfully blinkered questions as ``Did they ever catch the guy what (sic) sent Tampax through the mail?
A pair of legs tiptoeing at the edge of black water and the bold, sinuate script that reads "Racing Towards Something"; the cover of Bowie's Diamond Dogs; Chris, asleep in her tent, with a pair of boots, a sharp stick, Tampax, Marlboro Reds, a gun, a flashlight, a paperback of Tom Wolfe's The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test; a close-up of the forest floor: dead leaves, chicken bones, a ring-pull beer-can tab, a Snickers wrapper.
Tampax Naturals, P&G's own all-cotton tampon, was pulled from the market after not proving a big seller.
Such a sublime effort is bound to have its ridiculous moments: "One of the big arguments that came up," recalled the only female faculty member at the great Tampax debate, "was that if we were going to have the products in the bathroom, you all know that the men are going to go in there and steal them, and play with them, and make whistles out of them.
The 1999 Secret Four in the Fall, presented by Tampax Satin, was played at nationally-ranked Texas Tech, In addition to the host, three other Top 25 programs participated: Louisiana State, North Carolina, and UCLA.
REGARDING jockeys displaying their own sponsorship logos, I for one do not want to look at photographs of any of our horses showing advertising for condoms or tampax or any other product.
The Radiant Collection was designed with girls' unique style and feminine care needs in mind," said Gaby Tartaret, Tampax Marketing, "Combining a stylish new look with a full line-up of premium products women have grown to trust from Tampax and Always, the Radiant Collection stands out among competitive, feminine care brands.