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genus of deciduous shrubs or small trees of eastern Mediterranean regions and tropical Asia

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the tamarisk trees had saved al-ahsa from extinc- tion and a Sand Control Board was set up to tackle future problems.
In The Tamarisk Tree she provides a vivid account of this transition.
According to the report by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, residents said the tamarisk trees block the view of the golf course and San Jacinto mountains which lead to depressed property values and stopped black families from earning any sort of wealth through their property holdings over the past half century.
The creek had no trees big enough for a treestand, but refusing to say die, I tied some thick tamarisk trees together and crammed a treestand among the branches, 10 feet off the ground.
Indicatively, the plants down to include type: tamarisk trees, hedges and clumps of various shrubs (oleander, Eleagnus, Pittosporum, agaves ...) and plants to transplant include type: trachycarpus fortunei, Chamaerops humilis , phoenix dactylifera, Washingtonia filifera, Washingtonia robusta, butia capitata, tamarisk, agave americana, aloe vera.
Activity holiday specialist U-Tracks offers a captivating experience in Morocco, journeying through oases, dunes and canyons and camping under tamarisk trees. The six-day Morocco Desert Walk departs on Sept 20, Oct 14 and Nov 4, priced from pounds 460pp (excl flights and transfers).
In 2008, we observed numerous tamarisk trees (Tamarix) infested with the native stem-boring beetle, Amphicerus bicaudatus (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) at Bonny State Park, Yuma County, in eastern Colorado.
Residents spent years seeking compensation, but eventually received very little; ABOVE: the trunks of dead tamarisk trees, which are capable of growing in saline soils.
On Sunday afternoon Benedict travels east of the Jordanian capital Amman to Bethany where Jordanian experts have unearthed ruins of ancient churches amid the tamarisk trees and found early pilgrims' writings about the site.
The town is punctuated by distinctive tamarisk trees and hydrangea-covered banks with well-lit paths zig-zagging down to the sea.
Tamarisk trees were introduced to America from the Mediterranean in the mid-1800s.
Here a path shaded by tamarisk trees leads to a tiny, brackish spring that emerges through reeds and rushes.
Bermuda's windswept northern coastline is protected from spray by non-native tamarisk trees. On the tip of that coast is a 19-acre peninsula that once served as a military base.
The Peoria scientists are using GC-EAD to research other insects, such as sap beetles, which are pests of figs, dates, and corn; other sap beetles that spread a fungus which causes oak will of trees; exotic leaf beetles, which may someday control weedy tamarisk trees along western U.S.