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an especially persuasive point helping to support an argument or discussion

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The talking points also reference Chicago and Baltimore as big cities with strict gun control but also gun violence.
Once the talking points and all the other information is developed, we'll be providing that for our members," Campbell told The Nation's Health.
Talking points are core messages that support and elaborate on the position statement.
THEY were a talking point during the Tour de Yorkshire - and now they've been shortlisted for a land art award.
The talking points emphasize that DB plans are both cost effective and efficient in producing the safety net for retirement income security.
According to Politico, Morell leaves a month after the White House released emails showing he was the one who removed al-Qaeda references from the much-debated talking points.
I am not threatening, I am sharing a fact with you," the talking points read, adding, "If this situation continues I will be forced to ask Prime Minister Netenyahoo to resume his responsibilities.
Everyone in politics thinks, you just get your good talking points and learn them and reiterate them on camera.
Talking points RAISING money and awareness of the work done by local charity Kirkwood Hospice was one of the talking points at a Huddersfield business networking event.
As a set of talking points, the paper is meant to be part of a longer process of discernment and reflection on the mining issue.
In addition to the discounted values on data pricing, Vodacom offers prepaid customers services such as data bundle transfer, recurring prepaid bundles and data bundles for talking points.
To try to get a "yes" on that, Obama and House Democrats have leaked a series of talking points that purport to show that Democrats and Obama have been just as good for Israel as the previous administrationif not better
There is no shortage of big talking points for Jonathan and the team as the national side hunts for a new manager after a turbulent few months.
DISCUSSION about jobs will be one of the main talking points over Christmas dinner this year in the West Midlands.
Its eight chapters, case study, and eight corresponding talking points (with additional resources and discussion guides) provide substantive grist for individuals and groups to explore and build better understandings between Christians and Jews, Judaism and Christianity.