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While the app can make your phone work similarly to a walkie talkie it can't change the fact that your cell phone is in fact not a walkie talkie radio.
Financial Talkies was founded by Somil Bhargava with an aim to help and educate investors to make their investment portfolios better than ever before.
Gene Kelly's 1952 movie Singin' In The Rain highlighted some of the early problems of the talkies from microphones picking up heartbeats to film makers coming up with creative ways to disguise microphones on the film set.
That apart, Ranveer Singh and Anil Kapoor are also expected to feature in the song, though none of the seven stars in any of the four films that together comprise Bombay Talkies .
By the end of the semester, students on opposite sides of the room with talkies were interacting with each other (answering and responding to each other's questions).
They are hand-held walkie talkies with black leather cases, they are about nine inches by three inches.
Even the buffs who cherish revivals of silent and sound classics fall back appalled at the specter of the first talkies.
Miller said RadioShack sells a lot of walkie talkies, "but they are much more expensive and less suitable for the kind of communication that people need.
Talkie, which reproduces the human voice, music and all sounds.
Bombay Talkies , which is an anthology being produced by Viacom 18 Motion Pictures, focuses on film stars' relationship with their fans.
UNLESS you're joining the police, it's hard to imagine a use for walkie talkies when you get beyond your childhood years.
Funrise put out 13 toys, Army vehicles and pinball games, while North Hills-based MGA is launching handheld virtual reality games, walkie talkies, light-up key-chains and pens.
Walkie talkies have been here for decades - but some mobile cell phone makers fighting for business now see the 60-year-old technology as the next new thing.
I like to watch the game from the directors' box because I can see better from there, so I just pass messages down to the bench through the talkies.
Hazare s House to Kotwali Masjid, Shri Talkies to Old Balaji Sq.