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a program during which well-known people discuss a topic or answer questions telephoned in by the audience

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Lieberman indignantly cites a report that claims "children aged 2 to 11 comprise six percent" of talk-show viewers nationally.
Yet of the talk-show hosts and even the "respected" newscasters and journalists who frame our national political debate, none (to anyone's knowledge) hold advanced degrees in political science, history, economics, or any relevant humanistic discipline.
Many talk-show programs on licensed stations, in fact, offer their listeners shortwave receivers at rock-bottom prices or even as bonuses.
Even as the local news anchor or columnist criticizes a talk-show guest's need for momentary fame, the reporter achieves the same thing from his perch position on the TV or with his picture smiling from the top of his column.
But Keith Runyon, opinion pages editor of The Courier-Journal in Louisville, argued at the session during the NCEW convention that the new breed of strident talk-show hosts exemplified by Rush Limbaugh poisoned the public discourse by being loose with the truth and carrying on ideological campaigns on the air.
The talk-show audience member does not emerge full-blown from the head of Zeus, but must be produced, worked over in the audience holding tank by professionally giddy audience prep-experts.
The Emmy Award-winning King and author of multiple books has been dubbed "the most remarkable talk-show host on TV ever" by TV Guide and "master of the mike" by TIME Magazine.
What: Comedian and talk-show fave Ellen DeGeneres is again the go-to host of an Emmys following a national crisis.
I say this lovingly: She's a big fag hag," he said, noting that the head writer for her talk-show pilots is openly gay.
In the last several years the talk-show format has mushroomed, gaining tremendous popularity and influence.
Not only do we see strong prospects for the Internet talk-show concept, we see many additional uses for the technology platform ranging from entertainment to online commerce," said Klebanoff.
Pinsky takes on the role of talk-show host in ``Strictly Sex With Dr.
More substantively, Wright argues that floods of e-mail messages, faxes, and calls from talk-show listeners drown out the deliberation that is necessary for sound policy making.
Hosted by John DeBevoise, a five-year radio talk-show veteran, "Edge On Wall Street" will provide access to some of the leading industry analysts, entrepreneurs, financial experts, professional investors and emerging-growth company CEOs.
The talk-show titan does not intend to alter his show, although the profanity bleeps will no longer interrupt his broadcast and will not be restrained by the FCC, which does not have jurisdiction over satellite radio or cable television.