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a fundamentalist Islamic militia


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Last Monday, the Taleban claimed responsibility for an audacious suicide attack on the Afghan parliament in Kabul.
Abu Dhabi: The Pakistani community in Abu Dhabi gathered at the embassy on Thursday morning to mourn the schoolchildren, teachers and security personnel killed mercilessly by the Taleban in Peshawar on Tuesday.
The aim of the meeting here is, presumably, to examine potential for some form of agreement between President Hamid Karzai and the Taleban insurgents before the official hand-over by US and NATO forces to full, Afghan control of the country at the end of 2014.
They face intimidation and attacks, particularly by powerful elements in society, some of them members of the government, others allied with the Taleban and other anti-government forces.
I've seen the Taleban a couple of times, but it's only for seconds.
There is a growing international debate about whether to negotiate with the Taleban as the insurgents make gains.
Actually, the negotiations appear to involve Saudi Arabia and the Afghan government talking with the Taleban.
You don't have to be born in the West or be a Westerner to hate the Taleban.
A US court has sentenced John Walker Lindh, the ``American Taleban,'' to 20 years in jail for fighting for the ousted regime in Afghanistan.
Afghan women have been prohibited from driving since the Islamic Taleban regime seized power in 1996.
The Taleban foreign minister has said that the people were economic asylum seekers and not political refugees.
Taleban soldiers commandeered cars and other vehicles to rush the wounded to hospitals in the city.
Hundreds of thousands of Iranians poured into the streets of the capital Tehran yesterday to take part in a funeral procession for diplomats killed by Afghanistan's Taleban militia.
Having served 13 years fighting militants in Afghanistan's southern Helmand province, British troops departed for home on Sunday, leaving Afghan national forces to take over the security responsibility alone in the former Taleban stronghold.
Summary: Kabul: The Taleban have temporarily closed their office in Qatar, where it was hoped peace .