Taklamakan Desert

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I had never heard of the Uighurs or the Taklamakan desert, but when I read about the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Province in a travel guide in Beijing, I intuitively felt like going to this remote region.
The extensive caves of Kucha, on the northern rim of the Taklamakan desert, contain paintings of Indian deities and folk tales about the life of the Buddha.
AoThe Guinness Book of World Records recognises Carla as the first human being to walk across the ChinaAAEs foreboding Taklamakan desert,Ao Ms.
As the title hints, the Silk Road now barely survives, and Thubron was, indeed, following shadows as he made his way from Xi'an, skirting the southern edge of the Taklamakan Desert, through Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, northern Afghanistan, Iran, to Antioch on the Turkish coast of Syria.
In which direction would you travel if you were to journey from the Taklamakan Desert to the Garagum Desert?
The Jianshan iron deposit ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) is located in the Kuruktag Mountains in Shanshan County ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), near ancient Lake Luobupo ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), also called Lop Nur (Nur = "Lake"), now only a dry lakebed of 3,000 square kilometers at the edge of the Taklamakan Desert.
But crossing the Taklamakan desert is grand touring with a difference.
At first glance this looks reasonable enough: Turfan is on the northern route around the Taklamakan Desert, Khotan on the south route, and both were centers of archeological collecting activity in the early 20th century.
LOST IN THE SANDS OF THE TAKLAMAKAN DESERT in western China, there are few places as remote or desolate today as Dandan-Uiliq, Niya or Miran.
Kevin's parents are themselves lifelong adventurers, having made the first and only crossing of the Taklamakan Desert in western China.
The four endured soaring heat travelling by horse and camel across the valleys of Uzbekistan and through the Taklamakan Desert and into China, along the historic trading route of the Silk Road.
After those concerts, Kitaro will take the rugged old trade road inland to the Taklamakan Desert in China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region to play his music.
Aurel Stein comes across as a much more sympathetic personality, and the authors are at some pains not to condemn too harshly his prodigious looting of the paintings, manuscripts and other treasures he found in the caves around the Taklamakan Desert.
Theodore Roosevelt hunts for bighorn sheep in the Taklamakan Desert in China.
Dry, salty conditions in the Taklamakan Desert where the mummies were located helped keep the cheese intact for far longer than any other specimens ever identified.