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an offer to buy shares in order to take over the company

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the maker of Oreo cookies and Cadbury chocolates, has made a takeover bid for the company.
Foreign takeover bids regulated in certain jurisdictions are likely to be accompanied by adequate disclosure because these jurisdictions have takeover regimes that offer comparable levels of disclosure and investor protection to that provided in Australia.
6) Under the proposal, takeover bids would have an irrevocable fifty per cent minimum tender condition and could remain open for a minimum of 120 days.
Gold claimed the potential Carson Yeung takeover bid was "dead in the water" and downplayed supposed interest in Blues from Russian billionaire Vagit Alekperov.
But the sources said it believes that more large stable shareholders are required to forestall unwanted takeover bids.
The advanced registration would allow the beer company to cope with a hostile takeover bid more promptly by shortening the procedural period for an actual issuance to some 10 days from a conventional 25 days.
Under the label "economic patriotism" ad hoc legislation is being prepared on the national level allowing national authorities to veto or impose conditions on foreign takeovers of "strategic assets," facilitating the dispersion of "poison pills" by companies trying to thwart unwelcome takeover bids, or prohibiting mergers with foreign companies (partially) those owned by their governments.
The Spanish government plans to reform the energy market in order to improve competition and generalise conditions imposed on Gas Natural in the context of its takeover bid for Endesa.
German industry is especially unhappy with the fact that the previous proposal did not give enough flexibility on the defensive measures that a company can use to frustrate takeover bids.
THE Bank of Scotland saw its value nosedive by more than pounds 1billion yesterday in the wake of its failed takeover bid for NatWest.
The company also said that the plan "is not intended to deter takeover bids.
Forest have already been the subject of two takeover bids this season, both of which were rejected by shareholders.
Takeovers & Freezeouts addresses important developments concerning standards of conduct for board members, reducing vulnerability to hostile takeovers, specific responses to overtures and takeover bids, proxy fights and institutional activism, pre-merger notification under Hart-Scott Rodino, state regulation of tender offers, tax, accounting and ERISA considerations, antitrust considerations, and takeovers and mergers in the banking industry.
The public takeover bids are being conducted in line with the applicable legal requirements.
said Wednesday they will jointly consider measures against hostile takeover bids amid growing industry consolidation in the world.