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an ancient city in northeastern China noted for coal mining and steel production

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Zhang Xiaolun, chairman of Sinomach, visited Taiyuan, capital of Shanxi province, and met with Wang Yixin, vice-governor of Shanxi on August 20.
7-Eleven Cliqq-Air21 by Roadbike Philippines's Daniel Habtemichael (20:40:20), PGN Road Cycling Team's Sandy Nur Hassan (20:40:32) and Aiman Cahyadi (20:40:39), Team Ukyo's Kohei Yokotsuka (20:40:39) and Naoya Yoshioka (20:40:41), and Team Sapura Cycling's Muhsin Al Redha Misbah (20:40:42) and Taiyuan Miogee's Li Shuai (20:40:43) rounded up the top 10.
The last major finish for Meijers was third overall in the Tour of Taiyuan in China just three weeks ago, making this recent feat another special moment for the Dutch.
I knew about the climb and I made my move in the last stage of the steep climb," said Meijers, who raced for Roomport in his home country before signing up with Taiyuan Miogee, a new club in China.
(*) School of Machinery and Electronics Engineering, Taiyuan University of Science and Technology, Taiyuan, Shanxi, 030024, China, E-mail: yangmingliang1997@163.com
Frey began a reforestation project on the Chinese mountain Xishan ('West Mountain' in English) in Taiyuan in the Chinese province of Shanxi.
Benxi Formation, Taiyuan Formation, Shanxi Formation, Shihezi Formation, and Shiqianfeng Formation, from bottom to top, developed in sequence.
TOKYO (CyHAN)- A project renovating a World War II Japanese concentration camp for Chinese civilians and prisoners of war in Taiyuan, capital of north China's Shanxi Province, ended earlier this week.
International Conference on Intelligent System and Applied Material (4th: 2014: Taiyuan, China) Edited by X.Y.
: China launched the CBERS-4 satellite jointly with Brazil from the Taiyuan base by Long March-4B rocket the 200th launch of Long March rocket family.
TAIYUAN, China, Rabi'I 12, 1436, Jan 3, 2015, SPA -- The world's largest facility to turn excess methane gas from coal mines into electricity has been completed in north China's Shanxi Province, state-run news agency Xinhua reported.
The city of Taiyuan has been baking in high Temperatures and pools are mobbed with people trying to cool off.
(11) Thus, Gao Huan, to whom I pay particular attention here, established his military headquarters in 534 near the modern city of Taiyuan (then known as Jinyang [[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]], or Bingzhou [[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]]) in central Shanxi, and manipulated the imperial capital (first at Luoyang, and later at Ye [[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]] in southern Hebei) from a distance.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 2, 2014-Tarena signs agreement with Taiyuan Institute of Technology in China
Delegates from the northern Chinese city of Taiyuan will be looking to strengthen commercial and cultural links with the city during their visit and to build on a 'friendship agreement' which has linked the two cities since 1985.