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Synonyms for astronaut

space traveller

Synonyms for astronaut

a person trained to travel in a spacecraft

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To better accommodate the crew on their space travel, the taikonauts have been equipped with Bluetooth headsets and audio and video devices allowing them to communicate with their families and watch entertainment programs transmitted from the ground.
43) The first phase, which the Chinese have completed, was the launching of taikonauts into space.
If the mission is successful it paves the way for a Chinese space station and lends weight to talk of putting a taikonaut on the Moon by 2020.
China's goal is to build a space-based manufacturing capability that can be supported with taikonauts (Chinese astronauts) and its proven Shenzhou launch system.
Immediately following the triumphant return of Yang Liwei, the Chinese announced that a Shenzhou VI launch, carrying three taikonauts, would likely follow "within a year or two.
And the astronauts, cosmonauts and soon the taikonauts will line up out the door for their chance to fly.
The first two Chinese taikonauts are active-duty PLAAF fighter pilots trained in Russia.
The CMSP's primary mission will be to carry out space rendezvous and docking experiments, to guarantee the working and living conditions of taikonauts (i.
Astronauts (called taikonauts in China, a portmanteau of the Chinese word "taikong" meaning outer space and astronaut) for future missions could be picked from the industrial sector, research institutions and universities, Yang said, adding that women would also be encouraged to apply, according to local media reports.
citizens will wake up one day to watch Chinese taikonauts setting up a lunar base, resulting in us having to catch up once again.
The four launches since 1999 of the Shenzhou (Divine or Sacred Vessel) spacecraft intended to launch the taikonauts into orbit evidence substantial Chinese technical achievement and the seriousness of the program.
4) "Launch and Research Facilities", Go Taikonauts, Internet 7 February 2001, available from http://www.