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a branch of the Tai languages


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Scholars typically refer to this form of Buddhism as "Yuan Buddhism" after the Tai Yuan who were the dominant ethnic group of Chiang Mai, the centre of the Lanna political constellation (Cohen 2001; Keyes 1971).
The Tai Yuan, the ethnic name-sake of this tradition, are better known today as khon mueang or Northern Thai; they form the majority in the region that is now Northern Thailand.
Born to parents of Tai Yuan descent in Saraphi district of Chiang Mai province on 20 February 1965, Khruba Thueang was ordained as a monk in 1986.
As I noted in the opening paragraphs of this article, the participation of non-Tai autochthonous peoples in the rituals of the Tai Yuan people has a long history.
In the social context of Northern Thailand, the form of Buddhist practice observed in Dara'ang villages is similar to that of the Tai Yuan, the majority ethnic group of the region.
These terms include "Da Siam" for Central Thai and "Da Yuan" for Tai Yuan, where the prefix "Da" is used to indicate an ethnic group in general.
We hope that the many other boats sailing in the area can stay alert and avoid the pirates from launching an attack at other boats from the Tai Yuan 227.
From the linguistic point of view, the Tai Yuan, Tai Khun, and Tai Lu languages all belong to the so-called Northern Thai (22) branch of the Southwestern Tai languages.
The Tai Yuan represent the major ethnic group of the ancient Lanna ([[la:n].
The Thai of Lanna received the exonym Tai Yuan from their neighbors; according to a widespread explanation, the appellation Yuan would originate from Sanskrit yavana or from yonaka (Siamese yonok) in the Pali texts.
Why would the Siamese have named the Tai Yuan 'invaders from northwest', even though the latter are supposed to represent a Thai sub-branch only slightly differentiated?
The plants would be delivered to TISCO's Dongshan quarry, Tai Yuan City in China.