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a member of a people native to the Philippines chiefly inhabiting central Luzon around and including Manila

the language of the Tagalog on which Filipino is based

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Speaking before reporters, Tagalog said the story of Advincula encouraged him to surface before authorities since he noticed that Trillanes practiced the same 'pattern' he did in the narcolist videos to discredit President Duterte.
In his lecture 'Uicain Mo, Naquiquinig Aco (You Talk, I Listen): A Lecture on 19th Century Tagalog,' Dr.
I gathered about a dozen of our best writers in Tagalog and told them that their translations should be in the Tagalog of Manila, not the archaic Tagalog of Balagtas.
Macairog Alberto, who urged him to continue the Army's operational momentum for Southern Tagalog.
That would come three years later when Tagalog became one of the country's official languages, side by side Spanish and English.
On my way home in a taxicab, the talkative driver was telling me about a Tagalog speaking passenger who dominated their conversation from Mintal to SM Lanang.
So I asked them and they said 'They call me Ali Puti because I'm fair; And in Tagalog, puti means white."
Apart from Tagalog, the Arab man also stunned him by speaking in Bicolano - a dialect used by Filipinos in the southeastern part of the archipelago.
feeling ko naman Hindi masyadong halata ('yung accent) 'pag kumakanta ng Tagalog" she said in an interview.
Led by Pastors Ed Capillar and Mario Gundayao, Filipino, Winnipeg, is the first Tagalog speaking congregation in the PCC.
Since, it has come to be expected by diplomats, professionals and personalities alike that they don the barong tagalog to mark the formality of an occasion.
The current set of studies being reported in this paper investigates cue validities of being the agent, a case marker, and word order in allocating attention and anchoring sentence comprehension within the Tagalog language.
TAGALOG FOR BEGINNERS: AN INTRODUCTION comes with a MP3 audio disc and provides a practical focus on conversational Tagalog filled with real-world dialogues and activities and exercises designed to help reinforce the reading, writing and speaking of Tagalog.
US-based communications services provider Globaltel Media announced on Thursday that it is launching in the Philippines with a localised version of its service in Tagalog.
Mobile Technologies LLC, a developer of speech and language-related technology, yesterday announced that its Jibbigo voice translation apps are now available for translating spoken French, German, Korean and Tagalog (Filipino).