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Line D increased the entire A-D system's capacity to around 85 BCM/year, with the Tadjik section's length being 400 km.Tadjikistan's role will be purely as a transit state.
An infringement of financial management during the Tadjik expedition was fashioned into a reason for the dismissal of Dmitri Eropkin and Nikolai Kozyrev.
Determinants of vulnerability in Kyrgyzstan--augmented estimation log hh income per capita expectation variance Areas North Urban 0.055 0.005 North Rural -0.034 0.157 ** South Urban -0.258 *** 0.068 Household characteristics Household size 0.303 *** 0.011 Household size squared -0.012 *** -0.002 Age household head 0.007 *** -0.006 *** Whether hh head is male 0.173 *** -0.093 Ethnic of household head Kyrgyz 0.059 0.126 Russian 0.341 *** -0.157 Ukrainian 0.185 -0.053 Uzbek -0.181 * 0.146 Kazakh -0.065 -0.150 Beylorussian 0.552 * -0.169 Tadjik -0.551 ** -0.271 Tatar 0.160 -0.209 Dungan 0.055 -0.146 Highest certification of hh head 0.042 *** -0.036 ** Prop.
Steingass transcribes the Persian word as muri but the Tadjik form mori 'chimney, smoke outlet' (TRS 250) as well as the loaned forms in Turkic bear witness to the waw-i majhtiil (34).
Kamal Khurched Golibekov Vera Dinara Droukarova Vera's Husband Maruf Pulodzoda (Tadjik, Russian dialogue) Killing makes a man a man in the puzzling "To Get to Heaven You Have to Die," an artfully lensed but psychologically unpersuasive initiation tale from Tajikistan.
Captured Uzbek, Chechen and Tadjik suspects have been giving up information about the movements of Arab Al-Qaeda militants in recent months, four Pakistani intelligence agents told The Associated Press, leading to a series of successful raids and arrests.
She admits to having slept seven-in-a-bed with Tadjik nomads ("and when one turned over, the other six had to follow") and even with the Chinese Army at a frontier post in the Pamirs.
But this would be rather difficult to prove using concrete data, while language (= dialect cluster/bundle) split into separate languages is what can be seen before our eyes, e.g., Serbo-Croatian splitting into Croatian, Serbian, and Bosniac; Bulgarian resulting in Bulgarian and Macedonian; Romanian splitting into Rumanian and Moldavian; Persian into Persian and Tadjik, etc.
With the Uzbeks out of the picture it has been Tadjik commander, Ahmed Shah Massoud who has subsequently blocked the Taliban from achieving total victory in Afghanistan.
The Tadjik delegation on the other hand was not prepared to reduce the price offered by them since power is likely to be their main export for the next 2-3 decades.
Les enfants apercoivent ainsi la mosquee de Dearborn (Michigan, nord), une maison de the d'inspiration tadjik a Boulder (Colorado, ouest) ou les tissus senegalais vendus a Harlem.
Tashkent's late 2009 decision to leave the Central Asia energy grid - which cut off Tadjikistan from importing and exporting electricity - had some Tadjik officials suggesting that water supplies to Uzbekistan be restricted during the summer irrigation season.