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a city in west central Washington on an arm of Puget Sound to the south of Seattle

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Most engineers worldwide can associate the name "Tacoma Narrows" with the phrase "suspension bridge that collapsed." But now a new term can be associated with the name--Atlas Castings.
Tacoma Link, the first modern streetcar service in Washington State and the first streetcar to run in Tacoma since 1938, runs daily between the multimodal Tacoma Dome Station at Freighthouse Square and the city's historic Theater District.
Peter Cassidy, The Bon Marche's divisional merchandise manager for furniture, mattresses and area rugs, said the retailer had been scouting Tacoma locations for years.
He told the June 4th Tacoma News Tribune that he had not intended to kill the robber: "I didn't shoot him in a critical place.
Bill Baarsma grew up in Tacoma, breathing sulfur fumes at the Asarco copper smelting plant while stately Mt.
Starting near Palmer, WA, and spanning 42 miles from East King County to Tacoma, WA, the Second Supply Project is Tacoma Water's regional water development project.
Thus it was no accident that Guot, while munching a hamburger in a Tacoma fast-food restaurant, could recall instantly the name of the cow that had knocked him down 14 years earlier and left a scar on his right cheek.
She taught and choreographed for the Kamaki Ballet and the Tokyo Ballet, and produced the first Les Sylphides in Tokyo, according to Tacoma City Ballet Artistic Director Erin Ceragioli.
Tacoma police officers are permitted to choose one of the Kimber Pro Carry pistols or any of three Glocks, based on fit and personal preference.
Franke Tobey Jones Retirement Estates has enjoyed a 75-year history of serving seniors in Tacoma, Wash., as one of the oldest retirement communities in the state.
The new sport-utility vehicle would use the platform of the Toyota Tacoma pickup truck which the joint venture produces for the Japanese automaker.
Three minutes away from the camera locations, at a Tacoma police substation, officers can control the cameras with toggle switches and watch the displayed images on a pair of color monitors.
Also, in the affiliation line, the date the article was presented to the faculty and residents of Tacoma Family Medicine was June 1995, not 1993.
Kent East Corporate Park is seven miles from the Seattle/Tacoma International Airport, and about 18 miles from both the Seattle and Tacoma seaports.
Startling scenes of rippling pavement, featured in a classic film that captured the 1940 destruction of the Tacoma Narrows suspension bridge in Washington state, rank among the most dramatic and widely known images in science and engineering.