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Roman historian who wrote major works on the history of the Roman Empire (56-120)

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Except that no student and expert of Tacitus has ever heard of this 'trap'.
While Tacitus does insert a critical, top-down view, the inclusion of
14) Tacitus wrote about fifty years after Seneca's death.
The other day the honourable Leader of Opposition quoted Tacitus in the course of running down the achievements of the UPA government.
Is it in the person, because Tacitus (born about AD 56/57) records in The Annals of Imperial Rome that "Christ had been executed in Tiberius' reign by the governor of Judea, Pontius Pilate", which could presumably be acknowledged as an historical fact.
Tacitus also relates the Roman governor was a tyrant to the people and the procurator unfairly took their possessions:
Drawing on a variety of sources - Ptolemy, Tacitus.
Calgacus can be interpreted in Celtic as meaning 'possessing a blade', and his rousing speech calling upon the British to take arms against the Roman Empire can be found in Agricola by Tacitus.
Publius Cornelius Tacitus (56/58-120 BC), known first of all as a historian (see The Histories and The Annals) dedicated himself to studying the eloquence since his first apprentice years.
Josephus, a first century Jewish historian who wrote a comprehensive history of the Jewish people refers to the existence of Jesus, Tacitus an early Roman historian in his account of Christianity in Rome refers to the death of Jesus, Lucian a satirist refers to Jesus, Suetonius a Roman historian refers to Jesus in his writings and Thalus an early Samaritan historian also refers to Jesus.
Taken at his word, Tacitus portrays Tiberius as an oppressive leader who sought to reinstitute the use of maiestas in an attempt to control and manipulate the Roman populace.
Tacitus Yr hyn sy'n ddiddorol am safle Llyn Cerrig Bach, yw nad oes gwrthrychau yno ar l y flwyddyn 60 ar l Crist.
Das Problem der romischen Dekadenz bei Sallust und Tacitus.
Tacitus, in The Annals of Imperial Rome, mentions Christos in connection with Nero's persecution of the Christians.