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sensationalist journalism

newspaper with half-size pages


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India, despite a comparatively free and liberal press, is still a long way off from the kind of highly intrusive tabloid journalism that is popular in Britain.
You see, under Iain, Campaign brought an odd mixture of tabloid journalism, marketing insight andcomedy,butmostofall,itbroughtopinion.
The second book in The Age of Amy series, the story's central theme is "meanness," and how it manifests itself through bullying, discrimination, and tabloid journalism.
It is a word unique to tabloid journalism: down there with 'pooch', 'jibe', 'slated' and 'rumpus'.
This first book by independent Chinese Studies scholar Juan Wang takes on an understudied subject: tabloid journalism in China.
Using humor to turn the story upside down, the piece takes up lightning-rod issues such as creationism, reality TV, homophobia, and tabloid journalism. But Brooke does more than simply rewrite the Book of Genesis in favor of women and homosexuals.
The piece was followed up on NBC's prime-time Nightly News, prompting renowned equine surgeon Larry Bramlage to slam "selective editing" and an approach "closer to tabloid journalism than in-depth reporting".
The 43-year-old's flair for tabloid journalism and dedication to the firm earned her the position of chief executive of News International.
Quizzed on the magazine's response to the phone hacking scandal and tabloid journalism, Mr Hislop wasted no time in ribbing people who had unsuccessfully tried to sue him, before laying into the news gathering and reporting tactics used by News International and media mogul Richard Desmond.
But he insisted there were "significant positives" in tabloid journalism and he was confident reporters who work at the newspaper act within the code of practice.
The story in Monday's Mirror is just the latest in a stream of London tabloid journalism predicting war on Iran.
She's a great teacher." And Marie Morgan described her as "an inspiring teacher" who "hated tabloid journalism and is very focused on teaching journalism ethics".
Since then, of course, the paper has closed and tabloid journalism has been widely attacked.
The scandal that has engulfed tabloid journalism in the wake of the phone hacking at News International has sparked the setting up of two judge-led inquiries.