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a continuous nonspatial whole or extent or succession in which no part or portion is distinct or distinguishable from adjacent parts

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We're pleased to see developers like WinZip leading the way by creating superb product experiences such as WinZip 19, which lets users work seamlessly in laptop or tablet mode, with touch controls at their fingertips.
The Shift Hinge construction, which reveals volume buttons only when in tablet mode, makes the computer easier to use and also maintains its sleek form when in laptop mode, hiding the hinge's irregular surfaces.
He further noted that if Microsoft could fix the problems with its Surface tablets that switches between PC and tablet mode, the company stands to gain huge momentum and market share in the tablet enterprise race as well as the consumer and small business markets.
In tablet mode, ASUS claims the device is "a lightweight powerhouse featuring intuitive multi-touch capabilities optimised for Windows 8".
In tablet mode, it is a lightweight powerhouse featuring intuitive multi-touch capabilities optimised for Windows 8.
In tablet mode, Asus Taichi is a "lightweight powerhouse" featuring intuitive multi-touch capabilities optimised for Windows 8.
While early in the game, many marketers are starting to talk about a special "lean back/lean in" tablet mode that is especially conducive to impulse buying.
Despite its all-metal construction, when in tablet mode it's thinner and lighter than an iPad 2, looking reassuringly slick and feeling sturdy.
FUJITSU unveils the LifeBook T730 Tablet PC, a versatile mobile device that can be used in either notebook or tablet mode.
For Tablet users, that means staying in tablet mode longer while on-the-go, saving time and being more productive.
To ensure full benefits of the convertible design, the Toshiba Edge Display is viewable in notebook or tablet mode and even when the unit is stored in a carrying case.
9" touch screen and can be strengthened in tablet mode with an optional 3/4" thick Santoprene case, which offers protection against drops while providing access to all ports.
The media drive door can be locked and drive spinning stopped via Fujitsu's patent pending BayLock, which prevents accidental ejection or damage in tablet mode.
1-inch display, the Satellite R15 features a writing area similar to a standard sheet of paper when in tablet mode.
However, in tablet mode, the words "solution looking for a problem" came to mind quite instantly, largely because of the limited number of applications and tools enabled for tablet use.