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a covering spread over a dining table

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IT'S BACK: Former Colne Valley MP Lord David Clark returns Colne Valley Labour Party''s 1951 Diamond Jubilee embroidered table cloth to PPC Binnie Joshie Barr and, inset: Clement Attlee's signature featured on the cloth JH141113Kcloth-01
There was a drum roll as she knelt down with her bottom facing the audience and I put the table cloth over her, but as she went to dunk I pushed her head under and pulled the table cloth off.
Four-person setting with plates, glasses, cutlery, matching table cloth and napkins, bottle opener, wine and food coolers.
An evolution from the more traditional pub glass, it will make a bold statement for Bass Pale Ale in all types of accounts, from white table cloth establishments to fashionable bars.
The Table Cloth descends on South Africa's Table Mountain as seen by Maureen Roberts
it's soCard part: Draw bat shape and cut it out with craft knifeGet black: Spray paint on to tablecloth through templateMaterials: Table cloth, pounds 1; plates 90p, Poundstretcher.
Turn old sheets into pillow cases, while a worn table cloth can be cut down into table napkins.
Have your birthday party guests create and design a table cloth on a fishy theme.
The company plans to market the Eltas Nylon-AG material in hospital bed sheet, pajama, face mask and table cloth applications.
For the South Bay area of San Diego, it completely redefines the manner in which public gathering spaces blend with fashionable stores, white table cloth dining and entertainment," said Bob Michaels, president and chief operating officer for General Growth Properties, Inc.
I'm on the hunt for an eye catching table cloth to dress up my dining table for summer dinner parties.
Also found were a lemon squeezer, church candle, tattoo machine, tennis racquet, bicycle lights and a table cloth.
She damaged her lungs six years ago after inhaling the fumes from a burning plastic table cloth.
We were writing out our favorite golf holes on the table cloth.
The experience and standards consumers find at white table cloth restaurants is provided at Burgerville, Noodlin' and Beaches, which are wholly owned subsidiaries of The Holland, Inc.