Tabasco sauce

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very spicy sauce (trade name Tabasco) made from fully-aged red peppers

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1 In a bowl, mix the fromage frais, tomato puree and tabasco sauce. Stir in the chopped chives and the prawns, and season with salt and pepper.
A large number of family members live and work on the island, picking the plants and taste-testing every barrel to ensure Tabasco Sauce continues to live up to its reputation.
The Queen Mother reportedly sent her staff to search London for TABASCO sauce during the Second World War, wanting it for a shrimp cocktail.
The scorching curry is made with the Naga chilli, which is 200 times hotter than Tabasco sauce, and has a rating of one million on the Scoville chilli scale.
With ingredients like tabasco sauce, heavy cream and chives, considering serving this French toast with a side of asparagus.
3 Stir in the baked beans and Tabasco sauce and heat through.
baked beans 1 dash of Tabasco sauce. Salt and freshly ground .
prepared horseradish Juice of one lemon Splash of Tabasco sauce Needless to say, these quantities are just estimates, based on the sinus-clearing properties of the horseradish and the tongue-burning effect of the Tabasco you desire.
Red Tabasco sauce was not available for a few weeks last year and V8 juice and Clamato juice have been out of stock recently.
The Civil War was one of the most devastating events in American history, but food scholars point to at least one good thing that came from it: It's why there's a bottle of Tabasco sauce on millions of American tables.
They had come to a pleasant surprise that McDonald's was announcing the Red Chilli burger with Tabasco sauce.
Work also examines how barrels have survived under threat from plastics, cardboard and metals, all the while containing not only wine and whiskey, but numerous other products from apples, coins and cement to sugar and Tabasco sauce.
Condiments offered include horseradish, Old Bay seasoning, Cholula hot sauce, Tabasco sauce, sea salt and fresh cracked pepper.
Then here's a new challenge for you - eat a burrito that is 120 times hotter than Tabasco sauce.
Tabasco sauce, for instance, is normally not more than 8,000 on the scale.