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Synonyms for gadfly

a persistently annoying person

any of various large flies that annoy livestock

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megerlei), FSCA Synonymy: Tabanus megerlei Wiedemann, 1828, Dicladocera megerlei (Wiedemann)
10 1 2 Tabanidae Tabanus colombensis 1 HYMENOPTERA Formicidae Camponotus rufipes Camponotus sp.
Tabanus commixtus constituyo la especie mas abundante en cada uno de los transectos estudiados (> 80% del total de individuos colectados).
Extracts of Cnidium officinale Makino and Tabanus fulvus Meigan attenuated HG-induced mesangial cell proliferation partially through suppressing the ECM accumulation and TGF-[beta]1 production (Jeong et al.
In a private interview in the house I was staying in, I asked Tabanus, whom I have known since he was toddler, about marijuana in Darapap.
Bartonella DNA was investigated in 104 horn flies (Haematobia spp.), 60 stable flies (Stomoxys spp.), 11 deer flies (Chrysops spp.), and 11 horse flies (Tabanus spp.) collected on cattle in California.
In the marsh-grass-removal experiment we found a significant decrease in abundance of leafhoppers ([[chi square].sub.[2]] = 26.9, P < 0.0001), as well as spiders (Order Araneae) ([[chi square].sub.[2]] = 8.72, P = 0.013), greenhead fly larvae (Tabanus nigrovittatus) ([[chi square].sub.[2]] = 14.23, P = 0.001), and O.
Seasonal and geographical distribution of Tabanus abactor Philip in the Texas rolling plains.
3.146), Sila, and Taburnus, and the two Latin names for the gadfly, asilo and tabanus.(38) Where do all these resemblances lead us?
Genetic variability associated with hovering time in Tabanus nigrovittatus Macquart (Diptera: Tabanidae).
Stomach content analysis of 30 individuals (Table 2), corroborates that Corydalus consumes prey from a variety of trophic levels, (that is herbivore, Fallceon guilleri (Baetidae); intermediate predator, Cryphocrycos hungerfordi; and high predator, Tabanus sp.).
A pesar de que ha sido incriminada la transmision mecanica por Stomoxys, Tabanus, Culex y Haematobia y experimentalmente comprobada la transmision transplacentaria, aun son desconocidos aspectos como prevalencias y rutas de transmision.
Tabanus bromius L., geometric morphometric, geographic variation, Tabanidae, Diptera.