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(Islam) a form of Iranian musical pageant that is the theatrical expression of religious passion

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Even though the earliest Iranian moving images had captured ta'ziyeh performances, they remained unknown to the general public until the 1980s when the footage was discovered in the Golestan Palace.
By the time cinema had emerged in Iran, ta'ziyeh had lost its royal endorsement.
In Ta'ziyeh, the army of Imam Hossein are all dressed in green, and the army of Yazid is dressed in RED.
This symbolic color scheme thus refers not only to the Green Movement but also to the combined use of red and green for the protagonists and antagonists in Shi'i religious plays known as ta'ziyehs.
The film explores the Ta'ziyeh, a unique form of Islamic musical drama performed, often by ordinary citizens, in towns and villages across Iran.
Chapter 3 elaborates on the socio-cultural expansion of the Muharram rituals, particularly in their ta'ziyeh dramatic form, under the Qajars and how they were performed by various civic associations in temporary and permanent ritual sites (e.
And among the most unusual entries was the centuries-old Iranian theatrical form Ta'ziyeh, described as the "only form of indigenous music drama in the Islamic world," fusing music, drama and minor spectacle (homes, camels
The three cycles of the three Ta'ziyeh plays constituted the other major theatrical entry in the festival, even if they were likely to appeal primarily to students of international theater rather than casual--or even not so casual--theatergoers.
An even more striking analogy, chiefly because of its simultaneously political function, is the Ta'ziyeh, the Shiite "Passion Plays" of eighteenth-century Persia.
Milla Riggio for introducing the Ta'ziyeh to specialists in medieval drama through the conference she organized at Trinity College, Hartford in May 1988.