tetralogy of Fallot

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Surgical repair of TOF is the standard treatment of choice with good prognostic outcomes.
In patients of TOF with complete AV canal defect, AV canal was repaired using two patch technique along with routine repair of TOF.
TOF is a rare but potentially fatal complication of tracheostomy.
Repeat doses of muscle relaxants during surgery were administered when two responses of TOF stimulation were visible at the adductor pollicis muscle.
The comparison of TOF and EV through wetwood of cherrybark oak, water oak, hickory spp.
Combining the high sensitivity of the new 6520 Accurate-Mass Q-TOF and Accurate-Mass 6220 TOF with Agilent's powerful software will give robust results in high-throughput expression studies in metabolomics, proteomics, drug discovery and development, biomarker discovery, and product degradation.
Exact mass TOF is a proven technique for detecting analytes by accelerating ions and measuring mass-to-charge ratio from which molecular weight is determined - giving researchers the benefits of high sensitivity, resolution and accuracy in their detection workflows.
The critical area of the TOF spectrometer is the data acquisition system.
The choppers are used to define the TOF range of interest and to prevent low-energy neutrons from the previous frame from entering the new frame.
Bruker Daltonics today launches its next-generation ultrafleXtreme[TM] MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometer, the only instrument combining true 1 kHz speed in both TOF and TOF/TOF modes with ultra-high performance and extreme flexibility for a broad variety of complementary research, clinical and applied proteomics applications.
The system is available in four configurations: MALDI-TOFMS with high mass resolving power and accuracy; the Linear TOF option for high sensitivity analysis of high molecular weight samples or those that undergo post-source decay; the TOF/TOF option for acquiring high-energy collision-induced dissociation (CID) product ion spectra of monoisotopically selected precursor ions; and TOF/TOF plus Linear TOF for full analytical capability.
If only the colliding neutrons contribute to the detector counting rate, and if the parameters of the neutron field are determined and the geometry is known, then the detector counts (integrated over the thermal neutron part of the TOF spectrum), measure the nn-scattering cross section.
The system is an API (Atmospheric Pressure Ionization) hybrid IT (Ion Trap) and TOF (Time-of-Flight) MS, in contrast to the company's Axima QIT-TOF, which is a MALDI (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization) instrument.
These secondary ions are accelerated into a TOF spectrometer, where the ions separate in time according to the relationship E = 1/2 [mv.
Bruker's next generation high-resolution API-TOF - now available for LC/MS and GC/MS on the same system - allows high-performance TOF analysis from polar to volatile analytes