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(Norse mythology) god of thunder and rain and farming

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LUCKY: Thorr, in his new home, meets, from left, Richard Crompton of Hafod, Sue Essex, and logger John West Picture: Arvid Parry Jone SCENIC: Walkabout on the Hafod estate - the Rustic Bridge
Valient himself and Aiden Thorr ate some earth fun brownies, and I'll never forget the looks on their faces that night.
Formed in 2005 by guitar playing brothers Carl and Paul Gethin, bassist Ben Picken and drummer Dave Barker - and later joined by vocalist David Roberts, they have supported the likes of Hawkwind, The Zico Chain, Tokyo Dragons, Valient Thorr and Sign.
Cavalera Conspiracy, Children of Bodom, The Wildhearts, Jonathan Davis and Valient Thorr offer musical alternatives on the other stages.
Thanks to J Gold for the $5,000 bar tab, Harley Davidson for the bike and bucks, Valient Thorr for melting faces and rocking the house, and Activision/"Tony Hawk's Proving Ground" for putting up the big money.