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Synonyms for FTP

protocol that allows users to copy files between their local system and any system they can reach on the network

use the file transfer protocol to transfer data from one computer to another

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TFTP data provides key insight into the financial support networks of terrorist organisations, helping to identify new methods of terrorist financing and persons involved in the US, the EU or elsewhere.
The TFTP display reveals that slightly less than 5 seconds were required to complete that download.
Once the program was discovered, different organizations and government officials began to question the possible privacy violations from the unusually large amounts of confidential data that was obtained through the TFTP.
After bitter negotiations, the European Parliament approved said SWIFT agreement on the sole basis that the Commission had committed to submitting its own proposal on a European TFTP to Parliament and to Council.
This must be judged from the standpoint of the goal of the TFTP, namely: "prevention and detection of terrorism or its financing, as well as investigations or prosecution in this area".
The secret document states that 'German members of the EP were behind the move against the TFTP in the European Parliament' with 'tacit support' from the FDP, Westerwelle's party (the liberals, in power with the conservatives led by Angela Merkel), 'or even from experts from the Ministry for Justice and Foreign Affairs'.
Transparency rules for the American TFTP are more detailed (Article 14).
The Commission, for its part, will present a communication within a year with the outlines of a European TFTP and in three years it will produce a report on progress thus far.
If there is still no European TFTP after five years, the Council agrees to challenge renewal of the transatlantic agreement.
The agreement on the transmission to the United States of European interbanking data in the context of fighting terrorism - the TFTP programme (Terrorist Finance Tracking Programme) or the SWIFT agreement - is now in the hands of the European Parliament.
The TFTP gives the US Treasury access to the data of SWIFT, the Belgian firm that manages the transfer of data of 8,000 institutions and banks in 200 countries.