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The pilot program is one of several designed to help TEP comply with Arizona's Energy Efficiency Standards, which were approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission in 2010.
The energy generated by TEP Bright Roofs will be available to TEP customers through the company's Bright Tucson Community Solar Program.
6 MW system unveiled today will produce enough power to make 1,600 "blocks" available to TEP customers.
There are no cross-defaults or guarantees between TEP and its corporate parent or affiliate companies.
The output of these systems helps TEP pursue renewable energy goals established by the ACC through the state's Renewable Energy Standard (RES).
TEP also is expanding its renewable energy resources.
TEP said it expects that Tallgrass Development will maintain its minority ownership interest in Pony Express for the foreseeable future.
A la fin aout 2015, La production nationale en petrole brut a atteint un million 597 mille TEP.
Flushing the TEP with cold tap water would generally reverse the leakage, but within days it was unstoppable and the TEP had to be removed and replaced.
TEP Guarantee Home inspectors were at the construction site to examine the framing, ductwork, building envelope and other factors that would determine whether the house would meet the program's exacting standards.
TEP jobs seem to be geared toward the Fountain House philosophy that every member regardless of the severity of the psychiatric impairment deserves the right to work.
TEP will own and operate the solar production facility.
Tallgrass Energy Partners, LP ( TEP ) has announced that it has purchased an additional 31.
Under the terms of the transaction, Tallgrass Development is granting TEP an 18 month call option to repurchase the newly issued 6.
20 February 2015 - US-based midstream energy company Tallgrass Energy Partners, LP (NYSE: TEP) said that the terms of a previous offer for TEP to acquire an additional 33.