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a set of protocols (including TCP) developed for the internet in the 1970s to get data from one network device to another

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Can Akin Caglar, CEO of Eureko Sigorta and board member of TCIP, commented, 'TCIP is pleased with how the capital markets received the Turkey earthquake cat bond issuance.
The Decree paves the way for the creation of the Turkish Catastrophic Insurance Pool (TCIP) that will be the stand-alone provider of earthquake property insurance in the country for up to $25 000.[*] Coverage in excess of that amount will be provided by private insurers.
Jaren Nichols, COO of Utah-based ZipBooks and TCIP grant recipient, was surprised by the process.
The Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool (TCIP) has appointed reinsurance broker, US RE Corporation, and its partners in Turkey, for reinsurance services.
The T Series TCIP rotary lobe pump is designed accommodate the stringent requirements of ultra-clean liquid processes.
He also asked that NPA should ensure that the newly constructed temporary Truck Park at Tin Can Island Port (TCIP) is put to immediate proper use.
As companies mature out of the TAP program, they can qualify for TCIP (see below).
25 August 2010 - Fitch confirmed on Wednesday the AAA rating on the USD3.5bn (EUR2.7bn) trust certificate issuance programme (TCIP) of IDB Trust Service Ltd.
But like all young companies, funding is paramount to continued success, and the $100,000 TCIP grant offered through the Governor's Office of Economic Development has been a welcome gift.
These companies, which were selected after a peer review, were awarded a total of $2.5 million in grant money from the state of Utah as part of GOED's Technology Commercialization and Innovation Program (TCIP).
The state-funded Technology Commercialization and Innovation Program (TCIP) provides needed resources to help emerging companies develop to a sustainable level.
With the assistance of a panel of reviewers from the private sector, the state approved Technology Commercialization and Innovation Program (TCIP) grant funding for 14 projects.