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the 19th letter of the Greek alphabet

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"I am very pleased to join the group of TAUS representatives,” says Kerstin Berns.
TAUS is a resource center for the global language and translation industries.
The partners decided to forge ahead with the 53,000-square-foot project in spite of the economy because of the money already invested in consultants, architects and engineers, says Taus.
For more information about TAUS, please visit: www.taus.net
TAUS is a member organization and resource center for the global translation sector.
TAUS is an innovation think tank and platform for industry-shared services, resources and research for the translation sector globally.
“In working with our members we have learned that quality evaluation very often forms a bottleneck, causing disputes and delays in translation and localization processes,” says Jaap van der Meer, director of TAUS. “The pressure to overcome the subjectivity is increasing with the variety of content types and the trend to start relying more on automated translation.
As with many proteins, tau's shape and functioning depend in part on how many chemical side groups, called phosphates, attach to its amino acids and where these linkages occur.