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a surface lift where riders hold a bar and are pulled up the hill on their skis

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If you use a regular sling and carry a rifle in the field you should look at one of these T-Straps to ease the carry load.
Take T for example; it turns up in T-shirt, T-bone, T-joint, T-strap, T square, T-bar and T-maze.
Screw the tapered sides of the T-strap hinges to the sides of the module using all the hinge screw holes.
l If you're buying a skirt with a split, make sure you have sling-backs, T-strap or ankle-strap shoes to go with it.
Slinking away from her colleagues in the office, she fingers the bread like a foot fetishist fondling a T-strap, then nibbles, then bites, then scarfs it down, letting the gooey wad puff into her cheeks.
Every four musical numbers, each dancer would put on a T-strap outfit and a long dress.
That spring there were cloth t-strap shoes dyed to match an egg-blue dress deeper blue in the pit of crinoline ruffles.
The Envirolites line includes three styles for women - a T-strap, a slip-on anda traditional Oxford.
For that ultimate ladylike look, a T-strap stiletto should be part of your prom ensemble.
She completed the look with black sheer tights and Gucci platform T-strap pumps, a selection of Harry Winston jewels and Dauphin's 18 carat white gold blue rhodium and 8 carat black diamond hair cuff from the brand's Serpentine collection.
Alandra" Latin T-strap by Capezio/Ballet Makers, Inc.
The Cuban Sandal features a T-strap that has an additional elastic fastening to offer extra width and the rounded toebox gives toes room to move.
Illuminate the nightlife in Mariella Burani's ensemble of black T-strap tank top adorned with silver sequins that complement the sequined miniskirt.
Just the thing for breezy sundresses: T-strap sandal in a summery hue
The 31-year-old Canadian actress struck gold with her stunning metallic leather platform taper toe t-strap Christian Louboutin pump.