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a square used by draftsmen to draw parallel lines

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Some older engineers actually took a course in mechanical drafting that used triangles, T-squares, and holders with different grades of lead (graphite).
Accurate ninty-degree edges offer precise reference for measuring and attaching T-squares. The brilliant illumination is created by a bright viewing window that is free of hot spots or shadows.
GJA communications, formerly Ginty Jocius & associates, debuted 28 years ago with access to the industry's most modern tools of the day--from T-squares to stat cameras!
Growing up in the small steel town of Johnstown, Pa., Hankinson's father was a draftsman for steel companies until that industry collapsed in the 1980s and forced his early retirement--but not before she'd developed a fondness for drafting tables, triangles and t-squares.
Pear is also used for specialty items, such as brush backs, umbrella handles and measuring tools such as T-squares.
One important point regarding tools that Craig omits is the fact that many T-squares and triangles are not even and "true" when bought and must be checked for accuracy.
A number of drawing aids from T-squares to tracing templates have been around for a while; here we show some newish products and an old standby One of these may make the perfect gift for a would-be designer.
We learned layout and design with T-Squares and pen and ink, which had to be perfect.