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a circuit formed by two equal series circuits with a shunt between them

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8 and 9 give the normalized impedances of the T-network as functions of the frequency ratio k for open- and short-circuited topologies.
In order to verify the proposed analytical design approaches and illustrate the implementation, four numerical examples of typical dual-band asymmetric couplers using pi- and T-network topologies, respectively, are designed and simulated.
Similarly, for the coupler based on open-circuited T-network, seen from Fig.
Due to the advantages of arbitrary port impedances and coupling levels, wide range of realizable frequency ratio, multiple flexible selections of open- or short-circuited and pi- or T-network topologies, it can be expected that the coupler is desirable for the design of microwave active circuits and antenna feed networks.
Coupler B k = 1.92 (1.8/3.45GHz), based on T-network C = 4.77dB, T = 1.76dB, and open-circuited [R.sub.1] = 1.1, [R.sub.2] = 1.3, shunt stubs [R.sub.3] = 1.5, [R.sub.4] = 0.9.