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Changes in T-lymphocyte subsets: After treatment the levels of CD8+ in both groups significantly decreased (Pless than 0.05) whereas those of CD4+ significantly increased (Pless than 0.05).
The association between T-lymphocyte subsets and Ti was analyzed using a repeated measurements analysis of variance with each of the T-lymphocyte subgroups as the outcome variable.
In this study, we have directly compared the cytokine responses and variations of T-lymphocyte subsets in blood, as well as the follow-up following LRN and ORN for localized RCC, particularly with a retroperitoneal approach.
In addition, the data demonstrated statistically significant differences in changes in IEL and both alpha/beta and gamma/delta T-lymphocyte subsets.
Quality control in the flow cytometric measurement of T-lymphocyte subsets: the multicenter AIDS cohort study experience.
T-lymphocyte subsets during and after pregnancy: analysis in human immunodeficiency virus type-1-infected and uninfected Malawian mothers.
In-situ characterization of T-lymphocyte subsets in the reactional states of leprosy.
T-lymphocyte subsets were measured 6 months after disease onset by flow cytometry using fluorescein isothiocyanate-labeled specific monoclonal antibodies.