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a junction where two roads or pipes etc

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- If the extended T-mesh of [T.sub.2] has intersecting T-junction extensions, one edge must inserted into [T.sub.2] in such a way that reduce the number of the intersections.
To solve this problem, the report suggests studying the effectiveness of having mini-roundabouts installed at busy T-junctions with little or no change to the kerb lines.
To keep the flow of traffic straight on Murree road T-junction will be made on the U-turn of Kohati Gate and Liaqat Bagh.
Besides, although T-junctions with various tube orientations are extensively investigated, rare experiment data in open literature is available for a vertical impacting T-junction.
They also discovered that women have a tough time negotiating crossroads, T-junctions and slip roads.
The quarterlights help with visibility at junctions, but the screen pillars do still block the view of oncoming cars at T-junctions and on right-hand bends.
* theoretically the number of conflict points between the traffic streams passing through an intersection is reduced from 32 to 20 at crossroads and 9 to 8 at T-junctions;
The perpendicular positioning of the T-junctions, which connect turbine chambers and the main channel section, along with the two bends contribute to flow losses and turbulences inside the channel causing the water level to rise due to slower outflow.
At Cummins, which employs about 1,000 people, there can be 40 or 50 cycles in the shed on a day shift, but the town's cycle paths are "intermittent" and drivers still have the right of way at T-junctions and roundabouts, says Andrew.
Ten deflectors were positioned in the channel bends and at T-junctions were designed in order to make the flow more uniform along perpendicular sections of the channel.
St Chad's Circus will become two linked, traffic-signal controlled T-junctions with the subways removed and replaced by street level crossings."
The second result included rules for T-junctions, with no discussion of Y.
"I was top of my class in geography and I know my way round a map, but I must be absolutely sure I get the navigation right at the T-junctions because Village King must have a big chance of winning," he says.
The first was to establish whether T-junctions and/or Muller-Lyer figures produce length illusions when they represent road layouts in actual, though simplified, tactile maps.