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a junction where two roads or pipes etc

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Some motorists prefer to avoid the legal -- and longer -- alternative, which is to turn right at the T-junction instead and make a U-turn at a roundabout 400 metres down the road.
Earlier the court heard that a "Give Way 200 yards" sign was 137 yards from the T-junction.
At T-junction with a very busy road you will see countryside ahead.
To keep the flow of traffic straight on Murree road T-junction will be made on the U-turn of Kohati Gate and Liaqat Bagh.
1-2] describes new experimental data of thermal mixing in a T-junction to be used for comparisons.
They were pinned against a house wall when the Mercedes driver, who had been at a New Year's Eve party in the city centre, failed to stop at a T-junction.
Secondly, a traffic signal is needed on the T-junction near Al Jazeera Supermarket where Awal Avenue hits Shabab Avenue.
Residents need to consider whether they want to support further traffic noise and congestion at an already dangerous T-junction only yards away from Richard Lee Primary School.
Thus, a vertical impacting T-junction is expected to be a promising candidate for partial and even complete separation compared to others of different tube orientations (Milosevic and Hrnjak, 2010).
When the work is completed in October 2007, St Chad's Circus will have street level pedestrian crossings and a T-junction.
Turn right onto this road and a very short distance will bring you to a T-junction where you turn right into Wedgnock Road.
I was sitting at a T-junction in my car behind another stationary vehicle.
Now turn left down a farm track to the T-junction after having enjoyed the views across Anglesey which can be enjoyed all along here.
The tragic Hogmanay smash happened at the busy T-junction between Dunnikier Way and Hendry Road, where traffic lights have been out since Christmas Day.