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a junction where two roads or pipes etc

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A selection of local, national and international poets will form part of T-Junction, Teesside's International Poetry Festival which runs from October 16-20.
At the T-junction in Thurstonland (2), by the war memorial, we turn right into The Village and ride up the short hill, taking the lane to the left immediately beyond the post office (Haw Cliff Lane).
At the next T-junction we turn left (5) down the hill and once more cross Clifton Beck by the footbridge.
While we welcome the new white lights as being better for night time, we fail to see the sense in the council's decision to place them further away from the T-junction and the corner.
We climb out of the valley to a T-junction. There is now a pleasant walk over the fields to the windmill; last time I was here one had to view at a short distance as there was some structural damage.
5 Over bridge to T-junction, right towards Park House, bear left.
At the end of the lane we turn left at the T-junction, down the hill, over the river once again and up the short hill where we turn first right, immediately in front of the detached house.
Prosecutor Kathryn Roughton said police followed Jones as he overtook on a right-hand bend, failed to stop at a t-junction and went the wrong side of a keep left bollard.
Three people were left injured in a two-car collision at the A171 T-junction with the B1366 to Liverton yesterday morning on May 10.
The coroner for Greater Belfast John Leckey said: "The families have understandable concerns about this junction and if things had been different regarding the warnings that there was a T-junction the outcome may not have been a fatal one."
After less than half a mile turn left at T-junction towards Maxstoke and after approximately another half a mile take the second turning to the right into Hardingwood Lane.
The new roundabout replaces a T-junction at the Red Lion pub at Plawsworth, creating a safer junction for traffic on the A167 and the B6312 to Sacriston.
Turn right along a road with neat grass verges to a T-junction,go left and then right into Darlington Crescent.
The lane dips and climbs to a T-junction. Turn right to an idyllic spot where a brook sparkles.