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T-cell receptors are used by the body to tell friend from foe.
These relevant peptide cancer antigens constitute the basis for developing a range of rationally designed cancer immunotherapies including cancer vaccines, peptide-targeting compounds such as antibodies, soluble T-cell receptors and adoptive cellular therapies.
D, It expresses T-cell receptors (TCRs) of the [gamma]/[delta] subtype and is apparently negative for TCR of [alpha]/[beta] subtype.
The strategy for newborn SCIDS screening is based upon polymerase chain reaction quantification of T-cell receptor excision circles (TRECs)--small circles of DNA created in T-cells during their passage through the thymus--from dried blood spots (DBS) on newborn screening cards.
Because there are 2 case reports of CD3 deficiency causing T-cell immunodeficiency (7, 8) and CD3 is part of the T-cell receptor complex on mature T cells, it was surmised that CD3 could be used as a marker for the presence or absence of T cells (9).
Technology developed by Immunocore has refined T-cell receptors so that they can be used as drugs that seek out and destroy abnormal or infected cells.
Advanced immune monitoring and T-cell receptor (TCR) cloning in clinical trials of TCR engineered adoptive cell transfer therapy- Improving the performance of adoptive T cell transfer therapy through new generation immune monitoring assays and molecular cloning of T-cell receptors
This is made using one of two duplicated copies of the T-cell receptor gene, called C1 or C2, at random.
Scientists believe that harnessing the power of T-cell receptor diversity may help identify predictive and prognostic biomarkers associated with cancer immunotherapy, monitor treatment resistance and optimize the manufacture and function of therapeutic T-cells.
Immunocore will conduct a Phase Ib/II trial combining Medlmmune's investigational checkpoint inhibitors MEDI4736 (anti-PD-L1) and/or tremelimumab (antiCTLA-4) with IMCgp100, its lead T-cell receptor, for the potential treatment of patients with metastatic melanoma.
8) Along with these antigenic markers, T cells also undergo rearrangements of the T-cell receptor genes, resulting in unique cell surface receptors (T-cell receptors; TCRs).
The study found that the killer T-cell receptor utilises an abnormal mode of binding in order to recognise cells producing insulin.
It is thought that this process gives rise to a phenomenon known as T-cell receptor promiscuity, which could be responsible for harmful effects T-cells can sometimes cause.
In the case patient, a T-cell receptor [gamma] locus (TCR[gamma]) gene rearrangement assay was the molecular test performed on the intestinal biopsy specimens to test for the presence of a clonal population of T cells.
The AdapT molecular constructs capitalize on this well known principle and "work" by engaging the antigen-specific T-cell receptor with one of its peptides and, at the same time, block and inhibit the second signal needed for the full activation of these disease causing T-cells.
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