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a radioactive transuranic element

the bureau in the State Department that is responsible for the security of diplomats and embassies overseas

an honorary degree in science

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The T-carrier system uses pulse code modulation and time-division multiplexing.
T3 is the fastest T-carrier line and often used for Internet access.
Traditional T1 implementations, such as T-Carrier, will almost certainly be replaced.
(4) Digital Lightwave, Clearwater, Fla., showed how its portable ASA 312 Network Information Computer can test SONET, ATM, and T-carrier networks.
ADDRESS NEXT-GENERATION central-office testing by including SONET and T-carrier transmission, protocol analysis, and call-setup capabilities.
The test device should be capable of: * Measuring and stressing the quality of digital circuit performance on T-carrier and SONET transmission links.