T-bone steak

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small steak from the thin end of the short loin containing a T-shaped bone and small piece of tenderloin

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In 2018, sales of bone-in rib-eye roast were up 8.6% from 2017, sales of T-bone steaks jumped 13.9% and sales of strip steaks increased 9.5%.
Somewhere around where the bone would have been in that T-bone steak lies the Ministry of External Relations, and it is here the world's media have to line up for the precious lanyard that gives you access to the International Media Center.
My husband, who was fortunately feeling extremely hungry, chose the mammoth 14oz T-bone steak (PS15) from the specials board.
Pub-grub is extensive--stews, salads, burgers, fish & chips, panini, pasta, T-bone steak, deep fried Brie.
I love to travel and try beef, whether its wagyu beef or a t-bone steak, I experiment a lot," he says -- don't bother rustling that up if you want to impress him.
The Champion Product Award went to Devon-based Lovaton Farm, for their Dexter X Devon T-Bone Steak, which won Best of Meat and Poultry in the Product Awards.
1 T-bone steak, about 3-4cm thick (800-900g in total) and at room temperature
OUR ORDER Food: 10oz fillet steak pounds 19.95, 20oz T-bone steak pounds 16.95, Peppercorn and mustard sauces pounds 3.70 Drinks: Bacardi and coke pounds 3.80, 2 pints of Fosters pounds 5.40, 1 coke pounds 1.80 Total: pounds 51.60 Verdict ....
As the name suggests, there is a grill section to the menu that includes dishes like the whole baby chicken alongside king prawns, minted lamb chops and a T-bone steak. They don't serve alcohol at Iman's Grill but you can bring your own bottle or try chilled fruit juices or lassi yoghurt drinks.
Other items include 'Football Field' salad, a plethora of greens served with fresh mushrooms and your choice of dressing, 'Half Time' burger, 'Double Header' Burger and a T-bone steak for the meat-lovers.AaAa
As I recall Dad never had a pudding after his T-bone steak.
Rolled roasts, for example, instead of bone-in cuts like T-bone steak, may be safer because you avoid the potentially risky marrow.
And with long-time favourites such as steak and ale pie (pounds 7.25) and T-bone steak (pounds 16.95) on the evening menu, it patently knows where its locals' food loyalties lie in this farming area.
According to documents examined by the newspaper, Quantum was charging $5.66 a pound for ungraded T-bone steak, approximately equal to the retail price, although the Army was buying it by the truckload.