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a short-term obligation that is not interest-bearing (it is purchased at a discount)

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The improved liquidity environment manifested itself in this week's T-Bill auction with an oversubscription of 138 per cent.
Unitholders with $100,000 or more invested in Series A units of either Scotia T-Bill Fund or Scotia Money Market Fund will automatically begin to receive a 0.
The rates at which the T-bills were sold were all 'lower than than prevailing secondary benchmarks, and all lower than the averages of the August T-bill auctions,' the Treasury noted.
A banker said, 'The cancellation of the T-bill sale reflects tighter liquidity in the banking system in Qatar and rising rates.
Starved of funding options, Athens increased the size of its monthly T-bill auction after the ECB agreed to raise the ceiling on the amount of such bills the Bank of Greece can accept as collateral in exchange for emergency loans.
Meanwhile, a complete yield curve could make the emirate more attractive as an investment destination for funds which could benchmark their returns from the local stock market, which Qatar hopes will eventually be upgraded to emerging market status by index compiler MSCI, against T-bill yields.
The example includes neither the transaction costs nor the cost of borrowing the T-Bill from the broker.
Can the predictive information contained in the SPF forecasts of theoretically relevant variables help improve the SPF forecasts of the T-bill rate?
With the increase in discount rate and T-bill rates, we expect other benchmark rates in the economy o move in tandem", a research note by brokers First Capital ABN AMRO Equities said.
Suppose the one-year T-bill rate for the week is 7%.
Consider two hypothetical corporations: an AA-rated corporation which can borrow short-term at a floating rate of the T-bill rate plus 1 percent, and long-term at a fixed rate of 10 percent and a BBB-rated corporation which can borrow short-term at a floating rate of the T-bill rate plus 2 percent, and long-term at a fixed rate of 13 percent.
Market Vectors Asia (Developed) Long/Short Equity Hedge Fund Beta Index (MVLSDA) Number of components: 4 Top 3 components: SPDR Barclays Capital 1-3 Month T-Bill (59.
Had the auction committee accepted the bids, the three-month T-bill rate would have jumped 62.
ScotiaFunds is closing Scotia Premium T-Bill Fund to new purchases.
The decision to open the tap facility came after T-bill rates fell to nearly zero during the auction on Monday.