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a surface lift where riders hold a bar and are pulled up the hill on their skis

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Coherent-Dilas' T-bars are the building block for pumping multi-kilowatt industrial fibre lasers, and are manufactured in high volume, automated production.
Washington Resort X-C, New T-Bar & Warming Hut, Expanded
T-bars were also installed on the newer slopes during its expansion in the 1950s.
The judge also insisted that the statue is "a historical reminder of those bygone days of sack lunches, ungroomed runs, rope tows, T-bars, leather ski boots and 210 cm.
The star, who scooped the Best Actress gong for her role in 2002's 'Frida', wore the sexy tiered style with black and gold heels featuring chain T-bars across the front.
Retro platforms with sculpted block heels, sexy over-the-knee boots, timeless loafers and modern city courts and T-bars add the quintessential "cool factor" to this key trend.
Seen out and about picking up her Starbucks, she was working a Seventies vibe with blue flared jeans, floral T-bars and a shearling collar coat.
The selection ranges from squeegees and T-Bars to buckets and scrapers.
Here's Ken Collier, the editor in chief: "These T-bars are one of my happiest discoveries as a woodworker.
How he hooked up with a small ski school, teaching tourists how to ride T-bars and make it down the hill.
Straight pulls with T-bars are some of the simplest corkscrews available, consisting basically of a handle, usually made of wood, and a steel shaft and worm - the wiggly bit that goes into the cork.
T-bars are another classic ladylike shape - slip on a pair of Dorothy Perkins T-bars for pounds 30.
Most of the lifts around the glacier are lightweight T-bars - because they are fixed into the slowly moving ice and have to be moved back up the mountain each year.