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securities with maturities of 1 to 10 years

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The bonds are the Japanese 10-year bond (JGB (5)), the UK 10-year bond (Gilt), the US 10-year Treasury-note (T-note), and the German 10-year bond (Bund), respectively.
Unit root tests, employing the augmented Dickey-Fuller (D-F) procedure, are performed on the levels of the time series, Ml, Q, 3-month T-bill rate, yields on 10-year T-note. AM the variables are in nominal terms.
The equations for IES, presented in Table 8, based on returns for T-notes, the bond composite and government bond composite yield poor statistical results.
Corn Crude Cotton Dollar Yen Coffee 10-year Index T-note Corn 1.000 0.5871 0.3751 0.2522 0.7928 0.6118 0.2244 Crude 0.5871 1.000 0.0706 0.279 0.4709 0.2894 0.0507 Cotton 0.3751 0.0706 1.000 0.0176 0.351 0.7007 0.348 Dollar 0.2522 0.279 0.0176 1.000 0.212 0.0427 -0.1382 Index Yen 0.7928 0.4709 0.351 0.212 1.000 0.4839 0.2648 Coffee 0.6118 0.2894 0.7007 0.0427 0.4839 1.000 0.3438 10-year 0.2244 0.0507 0.348 -0.1382 0.2648 0.3438 1.000 T-note Source: TradersStudio MAXIMIZING RETURN
If rates go lower, the company will owe its investment banker some money on the hypothetical T-note call option sold.
If the markets where you lend demand low rates and early locks, T-note futures are definitely worth considering.
10-year T-note yield still remains over 7 bp down on the week, while Fed funds futures settled to pricing in about a 40% chance of a 50 bp rate cut on July 31 after discounting nearly 70% odds for such a move in the initial wake of Williams' speech.
Benchmark 10-year T-note prices rose 16/32, their yields easing to 1.63 percent from 1.68 percent, still near the mid-point of their recent range.
The yield on the benchmark T-Note dropped sharply, as low as 1.601 percent, but recently rose to 1.654 percent.
Treasury prices continued to struggle in early Asian trade, with two- and 10-year T-note futures mostly lower.
10-year T-note yield rose one basis point to 3.050 percent.
T-note yield, which touched a one-month high at 2.143%.